Professional Team

We are a team of professionals with many years of exceptional experience in all segments of logistics and distribution. Your products will be in the safe hands of our professional team from the first to the last step in the process and we are always pleased to provide advice or recommendations.

Years of work focused on optimum and quality resolution of all our customers’ logistics needs to assure you that you are our top priority.

And they are:

Robert Vrbanić


Let’s just leave experience, competence, and knowledge for another time. What you need to know is that our general manager is both smart and experienced enough to understand that there are people behind any job that needs to be done, and that a team of professionals who are committed to their jobs is of paramount importance. His satisfaction in working for Logistika 360 ensures our customers are satisfied. A happy man.

Dominik Martić


Despite having “only” three years of experience with the job, Dominik has all the traits a warehouse manager needs. His primary responsibilities are the safety of people and customer property, the organisation and care to ensure that all business processes proceed without any obstacles, in line with our contractual obligations. Your products are safe in his hands and they will be handled professionally and responsibly.

Dijana Grgić


After 18 years in the FMCG industry and logistics, and due to her interests in optimal software solutions and business processes, Dijana is now an expert in these fields, indispensable in providing quality logistics services. Dijana also has the gift of understanding our customers’ needs, developing and adjusting the optimal logistics solutions to suit their needs.

Jelena Čukelj


If you need timely and accurate information and want to be certain that all your requests and needs will be handled in line with your expectations, Jelena is the right person for you at Logistika 360. You are sure to also receive her positive attitude and smile, because multitasking and stressful situations are neither a challenge nor a problem for her.

Karolina Biberović


With 15 years of experience at parcel transport companies, working with both pallets or packages, and a boundless need to know the status of every consignment at any given time and to prioritise the resolution of any delivery problems, while focusing on prevention, you can be certain that Karolina will be looking after and taking actions for each and every one of your consignments.


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